of Projekts MCR, a Community Benefit Society

● We are a Society which welcomes everyone by creating a friendly community space in our unique skatepark and cafe.
● We work to reduce barriers to skateboarding which many people experience for different reasons.
● We use innovation to create unique new skate spaces and provide new ways of accessing skateboarding.
● We are a ‘Not For Profit’ business which means that profits are not taken out of the business to pay shareholders or executives. Profits are used for the benefit of the Society and its community.
● We value our employees as an essential component of the business.
● We aim to pay at least the Living Wage and we provide training and support.


What is a membership of Projekts MCR?

Membership is not the same as being a customer at Projekts. You don’t have to be a member to come to the skatepark.
It fits better to call our membership “Friends of Projekts MCR” because they are people who love helping us achieve our vision. The current members are those who invested financially in the Community Share Offer (CSO) in 2018 when we were preparing to embark on our large facility expansion project, Phase 3. But those members have also at times helped us with new ideas, business strategy and the support of friendship.
We are opening up the membership to anyone who would like to join and is willing to invest in a similar manner to the CSO with a minimum of £20. New members need to be on board with our Vision and Values, and seek to contribute to the organisation in a way relevant to their own experiences and skills.

What are the benefits of a membership?


Membership entitles you to certain particular benefits such as an invitation to the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the chance to vote on certain matters at the AGM, and eligibility to apply for a place on the Board of directors. Also, by becoming a member you are showing your support for Projekts MCR and its objectives, and can know that your support is needed and appreciated.

Financial investment & share interest.

The minimum upfront £20 financial investment would buy the member 20 shares (£1 per share) although all members and directors have 1 vote, regardless of the size of their investment. The shares do not award any ownership of the business. The shares bought will entitle the member to be eligible for share interest payments after 3 years, at a rate to be determined by the Board of directors depending on the financial results during the year. (Please note that this rate may be zero.) Employees wishing to become members may be able to spread the payment of their investment over a longer period.

How do I apply?

To apply, please complete an application form (see below) and when it has been approved, you will be asked to make your minimum investment of £20.

Can I support without becoming a member?

Yes! We recognise and value the support of many people in helping to build our community, such as our employees, customers, friends, community representatives, innovators. For example, you might know someone who can help us to further our aims or you may have an idea for something new we could be doing to better serve the community. Anyone is very welcome to get in touch with the management team or the Board of directors to discuss their ideas.


Please contact if you have any questions or struggle with this form. 

We will only use your data for the purposes of communicating with you about Membership of Projekts MCR and won’t pass your data onto any third parties.

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